Really? A Month?

It’s been that long since I’ve posted?  What the crap have I been doing?  I have a few things that I want to post in the next few days, starting with a road trip that I took with the oldest daughter…fun times.  And thankfully, since it’s the start of the weekend, maybe I’ll actually have more time to post.

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That new baby smell

Stacy from Hollow Squirrel had her lovely baby boy on Tuesday.  I think I can smell that sweet baby smell all the way here in Oklahoma.  Looking at his picture makes me want to nibble on his little head.  Yummo!

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She got a 100 points!!!!

Malinda’s teacher told me today that she got 100 points for her science project and that it was “awesome”! 

It’s kinda silly how happy that makes me right? Or not.  Definitely a proud mama.

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Spam, it’s whats for dinner.

I just got an email telling me I need a colon cleanser.  Oh well, that’s a lot funnier than the penis enlargement emails I usually

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The Science ProjectBehold! The Science Project!

The Science Project

I don’t what her grade is yet, but I hope it’s a good one!

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Science project

My 3rd grader, Malinda has a science project that’s due March 7th..and she was so giddy with excitement about it.  This kid cracks me up with how much she loves school.

So, the project was the Solar System.  I got a black foam poster board and we spread glue all over it and then covered it in silver sparkles for stars.  Then hang glued some confetti stars all over.  I printed out color copies of the planets and we glued them to the board.  Then I printed out little signs with titles and I glued them on there.

 If she doesn’t get the 100points that it’s worth, I think I might very well be devastated. lol

Will post pics of it tomorrow.  So proud of her

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So my daughters play basketball at our local Boys & Girls club, and they love it.  My oldest plays with the 9 and 10 year olds and tonight at her basketball game, she scored 2 points!  Guess which Mama was up in the stands screaming her fool head off?  That would be me.  They went into overtime and ended up winning by 4 points.  So proud of her.

 My youngest daughter plays with the 5 & 6 year olds and so far they are undefeated.  Their last game is Thursday and then she’ll get a trophy…she doesn’t know it yet though.  This is her first year playing and she just loved it. 

I’m seriously a very proud Mama…

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oh at first I loved you….

but now?  nothing but anger and disgust.  Yes I am talking about you Mr. DVR.  You have been soooooo dependable, recording new episodes of Project Runway, and my beloved LOST.  But you’ve let me down.  You’ve disappointed me.  I don’t know if I can ever rely on you again.  For nearly three hours you recorded the 80th Academy Awards and I laughed and I cried and I fast forwarded and rewinded…and then….You STOPPED RECORDING AT THE LAST TEN MINUTES OF THE SHOW!

Now what am I going to do?  How will I know who won Best Picture or Best Actor?  What if I missed the appearance of Mr.Cute McHandsome?  Thanks alot DVR.  Seriously, thanks a-freakin-lot.

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sick? why yes, I am.

my head is bobbing on my shoulders.  I don’t know what it’s bobbing for, seeing as how I don’t have any apples around.  Or maybe it’s ping-ponging.  There is a ping-pong ball in my brain cavity just bouncing around, looking for something to do.  Yes.  That is what is happening.  Not too mention that is ungodly early in this house.  Who gets up at 4am? Seriously?

I’m taking some sinus meds and then crashing until it’s time to take the girls to school.

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There is a thief in my house

A very specific thief.  One that only steals my daughters’ basketball shoes, her ball socks and her knee pads…..but suprisingly, he never takes anything else….hmmmmmm

 It may be a case for the Scotland Yard.

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